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For those that cannot attend in person courses, whether it be the times or the location that doesn’t suit, we offer all of our classes online as well. We are all about inclusivity so online is a great way to involve those that otherwise can’t make our in-person sessions.

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Start with Level 1A and progress to Level 2D.

Taught over Zoom and available nationwide

Learn from the comfort of your own home! 2023 courses start from February 13th.

Online Courses

Virtual Learning

8 x Sessions

We want everyone to feel empowered to learn NZSL, and our online courses are a great option for those that cannot attend our in-person sessions.

2020 has taught us how to learn online even better, and we’re excited to be able to offer our NZSL4U courses this way.

Our classes are taught entirely in sign language – so you won’t even need headphones for this one! They are fun and engaging and are for all ages, so you can bring the whole whānau along. We will have online learning groups that you can connect with outside of course time. Be sure to find people in your area that you can meet up with, or find time to call your new NZSL friends online to practice, practice, practice!

All of our students, whether in person, or online, have access to our online resources and are invited to attend our annual NZSL4U camp.

Online Courses Descriptions

NZSL Level 1A

This is a beginner class – so even if you don’t know anything about Sign Language, this is a great place to start! In this class we go through Deaf culture and Deaf awareness and start teaching the basics – like “Hello” “Kia Ora” and “How are you” – plus many more!

NZSL Level 1B

After you have completed 1A, you move on to the next level – Level 1B. In this class, we learn more of your everyday language – such as emotions and feelings, counting, relationships, telling the time and more!

NZSL Level 1C

The next step in your NZSL journey is Level 1C where you will learn how to put your actions into basic sentences, and you’ll master the art of “small talk”. We also go through actions about community and work in this module.

NZSL Level 1D

This is your final module – and involves going through all of your learnings from Level 1A, 1B & 1C to help you get a deeper understanding of NZSL. After this, you should feel confident to use NZSL as part of your daily “communicating”.

NZSL Level 2A

Get ready to level up your NZSL! This course is for those that have completed Level 1 and are ready to go to the next step. This course will help you to communicate more in-depth with the Deaf community, from giving chores to discussing your extended whānau and a lot more in between!

NZSL Level 2B

We have now gone through small talk – let’s get to the deeper korero! In this level you will be able to use your sign language to communicate better in the workplace. You’ll be able to talk about sports and hobbies and even explain work-related tasks. Not only that, but you will graduate this level with a deeper understanding of how to use NZSL to communicate with Deaf people and learn NZSL grammatical structures.

NZSL Level 2C

Looking to communicate outside your home or place of work? How about with your electrician, mechanic, or even your local GP? By the end of Level 2C you will be able to discuss your needs with your local repair man, explain common illnesses or what symptoms you may be experiencing with your local GP, and even give general health & wellbeing opinions. The more you learn about communicating with people in different industries, the deeper you understand of how Deaf people live every day with a communicative barrier – and this course will teach you more about their experience.

NZSL Level 2D

As gamers would say – you have reached expert mode. By now you have learnt a lot about how to communicate with NZSL and how to use it in your everyday life. Through this course, you will extend that knowledge even further. You will be set up to talk about experiences you have had – for example on your latest camping trip, or how you dealt with a natural disaster! You will learn how to tell strangers about the unique differences between Aotearoa and other countries, and (as always) become more accustomed to the daily life of the Deaf community, and how they communicate. Next step – go from Expert to Master!

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