Level 1A – Free

Send your ID to ace.nzsl4u@gmail.com, and we will promptly provide you with an enrolment form for ACE funding to cover your fee. Please note that we require a copy of your passport or birth certificate as proof of your NZ citizenship or residency. Unfortunately, a driver's licence cannot be accepted. However, we have an alternative solution if you are not a citizen or resident.

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Unit 1: Meeting and Greeting

  • Exchange greetings and make introductions
  • Understand simple class instructions
  • Learn about the use of facial expressions in NZSL
  • Understand about Deaf culture
  • Remember to get and give eye gaze before signing
  • Learn numbers 1-10
  • Learn the fingerspelling alphabet, spell their name, and ask for repetition.

Unit 2: Our Class

  • Name language(s) they are learning
  • Give and follow action commands
  • Ask for clarification, correction and confirmation
  • Ask and tell where something is in the class
  • Use appropriate phrases for arriving late to class
  • Use numbers for counting (0-20) and simple time phrases about class activities 

Unit 3: Needs and Wants

  • Name typical food and drink items
  • Make and respond to requests and offers for basic wants and needs
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Understand basic signs about emergency exit procedures


Before the start date of a course, there must be a minimum number of enrolments for it to proceed. If we require more enrolments, we will have to cancel the course.

We will inform you of the cancellation via email; please check your inbox frequently.

If you need to cancel your registration, please review NZSL4U's terms and conditions.