Level 1C & 1D (10 weeks)

Email your ID to ace.nzsl4u@gmail.com, and we will give you an enrolment form to get subsidised with the Adult Education Commission (ACE) funding. *A copy of your passport or birth certificate as proof of your NZ citizenship or residency. Driver's Licence is not accepted. Not citizen/resident? No problem! I can invoice you to pay $95 for a 10-week NZSL course online.

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Level 1C

Unit 6: Small Talk

  • Start conversations with known and unknown people

  • Make compliments (e.g. appearance, clothing) and congratulations

  • Ask and tell about general well-being, health and everyday life

  • Discuss the weather

  • Close a conversation

 Unit 7: Community and Work

  • Communicate about essential services and locations in their community (e.g. doctor, bank, library)

  • Describe occupations, tasks and transport to work and community activities

  • Negotiate appointments and bookings

  • Discuss prices on use of services and purchases and ways of payment


Level 1D

Unit 8: My Place

  • Invite others, accept and decline invitations to their home  

  • Give and ask for addresses and contact details (e.g. email, mobile number)  

  • Describe identifying features of their home (e.g. two-storey, brick, white fence) 

  • Understand and give simple directions to their homes  

  • Identify rooms in the house  

  • Name essential household items relevant for visitors (e.g. meals, toilet paper)   

 Unit 9: Events and Celebrations

  • Communicate about events, celebrations and holidays

  • Talk about destinations (places) and modes of travel  

  • Describe and discuss plans  

  • Make interruptions (e.g. to ask a third person for the information or suggest a different idea)


Courses need a minimum number to proceed, so we must cancel if we need more enrolments a few days before the start date. We'll let you know by email, so please check yours regularly.

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